About Us

James N. Peneguy CPA is a small, passionate team that provides tax and accounting services. We specialize in tax planning & preparation, handling of all IRS tax issues & Settlements, filling part-time CFO/Controller roles, and small business/non-profit accounting. We are founded on the idea of trust and loyalty—we strive to keep things honest, focused and thoughtful. We’re inspired by the passion in our clients and we truly care about seeing them succeed.

Quality Tax and Accounting Services Built For You

Finances can be tricky. At James N. Peneguy CPA, the goal is to be as clear and concise with our clients as possible. By personally explaining tax laws and finances, the client’s knowledge and understanding will improve as well as their financial confidence moving forward.

By offering more detailed explanations on accounting and finance matters, we not only provide the services requested by the client but help them understand exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how it is benefitting them.

James N. Peneguy CPA takes pride in providing prompt and professional service to our clients. Tax season can be a challenging period for all CPA firms, but we pledge to provide the services within a reasonable time frame.

A key factor in providing services in a timely fashion is communication between parties. Communication with our clients is crucial to successful relationships and we are sure to keep clients informed on a regular basis to ensure completion within the necessary timeframe.

A main focus for the our team is to have positive working relationships with each and every individual and small business we serve. We have a strong desire to see our clients succeed and we pledge to do all we can to assist in that.

Often times, larger firms are unavailable to answer questions and give additional time to clients, both of which we find essential in forging strong, trusting relationships. At James N. Peneguy CPA, we ensure you that the service and experience you have can be found nowhere else.

James N. Peneguy CPA makes it a priority to stay current in the knowledge and understanding of accounting practices and tax laws. It is imperative to maintain the CPA certification by adhering to its continuing professional education requirements.

This certification and education provides the team at James N. Peneguy CPA the means necessary to ensure our tax & accounting service offerings are the best available.

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